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After the release of her first book, Nail Hara, KARA‘s Goo Hara has officially earned her “nail art expert” title. In a talk with Ceci magazine, she shared some of her creations and encouraged readers to try them —and add their own personal touch! Check out the different styles with the translation of their descriptions below!

20150808_kfashionista_goohara2 20150808_kfashionista_goohara3

“Smiles are easy to mantain, neat, and they can cheer you up”, says Hara. She also said that cyan and light green are ideal for summer. Try to mix and match both smile-printed and colored nails.

20150808_kfashionista_goohara4 20150808_kfashionista_goohara5

Style 2 is a book inspired nail art. You can add as many lines as you wish or even fill the spaces between lines with some color. And why don’t you try a Marilyn Monroe nail style? Paint some piano keys on your nails, and add one or two pairs of red lips.

20150808_kfashionista_goohara6 20150808_kfashionista_goohara8

The last trend is all about cats. Consider these two options:

1- Drawing cats on all your nails for a chic look (you can even add stickers to complete the style!)

2- Drawing only some cats, and do some mix and match in black and white.

Hara’s creative nail arts are the perfect item to complete any fashionista’s outfit, and there is one for every style. What’s your favorite?

(Ceci digital [1]) 

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