Request: Miryo’s “QUEEN” MV Style

Requested by: Valerie

Brown Eyed Girls are expected to make a long overdue comeback later this year, but prior to that their rapper Miryo has made a solo comeback! Back in 2012 Miryo released the single “DIRTY” and now she returns with “Queen” which features fellow group member Ga-In. Miryo appears alone in the MV and one reader was curious about a certain studded jacket she wears in it. This hooded jacket with gold embellishments is from the Spring/Summer 2015 collection of Korean label Yohanix. If it looks familiar, that’s because it was recently worn by another one of K-pop’s female rappers — Jimin!


This is not the only item from Yohanix in Miryo’s video. The strappy, white crop top seen under the hooded jacket is from Yohanix, as is the bustier top and shorts worn later when Miryo is wearing white with the intricate halo crown. Finally, during other scenes Miryo can be seen in a ‘Running’ Sleeveless Tee ($67) from the brand’s sub-label Y.Yohanix.

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