Orange Caramel Lizzy’s Weird Style


Lizzy of Afterschool and Orange Caramel has always had a reputation for her quirky personality. She’s garnered a lot of attention from her antics, from going on public broadcast and sharing that her talent is identifying the location of anyone’s nipples, to her odd yet highly relatable solo about defeating PMS, she’s clearly not a girl afraid of being herself, no matter what people may say to her about it.


Fittingly, while performing with Orange Caramel on the 28th, Lizzy wore a pastel crop-top from Lazy Oaf ($55), with “Weird” written out in Barbie-looking letters. Though decidedly unique — pastel colors and crop tops have definitely been the trend lately, so Lizzy’s definitely still got fashion sense!

(VisualStylish [1])

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