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Elle Korea has prepared for this August’s issue a very special interview with none other than one of K-pop’s most recognised fashionistas: Shinee‘s Key. You can read the interview (which inspired the title of this article) here. For the accompanying pictorial, Key posed with his pet dogs in what looks like the different rooms of a house. Check out the pictures below and the information on his clothes!


B.R.I Slevless by Heich es Heich ($240)


Shirt, bow and pants, all by Gucci


Striped shirt by Juun J.


Shirt and turtle neck, by Yves Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane; pants by Gucci


Robe by Kimseoryong; Summer shorts by Heich es Heich ($200)

Whether hapilly playing with his pets, or in midst of bathroom foam, Key shows how stylish everyday actions can get for his latest interview for Elle magazine.

(Elle Korea [1]) 

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