GD&TOP “Zutter” MV Style


The final installment of Big Bang‘s MADE Series has been released, which includes a special treat for fans of the subunit GD&TOP! The duo have finally made a comeback with the new track “ZUTTER” which is accompanied by a wacky MV, which is expected from this pair. It also explains why TOP went on a pig butt spree on Instragram recently! In parts of the MV the pair can be seen in a faux pool scene, complete with sunbathing beauties and a palm tree-filled sunset background. During G-Dragon‘s solo scenes in this setting he can be seen wearing a DressCamp Lip Print Shirt ($296).


G-Dragon and TOP also have scenes together in the set, and both wear very appropriate tropical print apparel from Wacko Maria. G-Dragon wears a Wacko Maria Paradise Aloha Jacket which is actually from their Summer 2012 collection. TOP’s red Wacko Maria Paradise Garden Aloha Print Shirt is also from a past collection, this time 2013. Since both of these pieces are from older collections, they are no longer available for purchase online.

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(YG Entertainment) 

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  • Iván

    And the tracksuit??? I need it!!!

    • sobs

      Me too!!

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