Apink Eunji & Hayoung’s Pink Memory Showcase Style

20150804_kfashionista_apink_eunji 20150804_kfashionista_apink_hayoung

On July 16, Apink held a showcase for their latest album Pink Memory, where they performed the new single “Remember”. During this performance, the members of Apink could be seen wearing items that also appeared in the “Remember” MV, including a pair of items from Japanese brand DressCamp. These items could be seen on Eunji and Hayoung. Eunji wore a DressCamp Bauhaus Print Tank Top ($156) while Hayoung went with a DressCamp Queen Tank Top ($130). Both of these items are from the menswear collection of this label.

20150804_kfashionista_dresscamp 20150804_kfashionista_dresscamp2

(OSEN [1][2])


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