After School Uee’s Wrap Party Style

20150801_kfashionista_afterschool_uee2 20150801_kfashionista_afterschool_uee3

Uee‘s latest drama High Society has just finished airing, so the cast recently gathered for a wrap party to celebrate a successful run! Uee arrived at the restaurant where the event was being held in ultra-casual fashion! She could be seen wearing a LOCLE by Low Classic 91 Fast Tee ($54), which was paired with Wide Leg Denim Pants ($162) from LOCLE’s parent label Low Classic! A pair of white sneakers finished off the low-key look. Now that Uee’s drama commitments are done, do you think we can look forward to an After School comeback?

20150801_kfashionista_locle_lowclassic 20150801_kfashionista_lowclassic

(Newsen [1][2]) 

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