4minute Jihyun & Gayoon for @Star1

4minute‘s Jihyun and Gayoon recently participated in a photo shoot for the star and style online magazine @Star1. The pair did model some cute summer styles, but the main purpose of the pictorial was to display cosmetics from the Laneige X PLAYNOMORE collaboration line! Both ladies wore different BB Cushion, Lip Gloss and Mascara items from the collection that attributed to their flawless faces. Check out the details of what Jihyun and Gayoon wore, as well as the makeup products they used!


Jihyun – Rocket X Lunch Color Block Dress ($73), Gayoon – Club Monaco ‘Patin’ Dress ($249)


Jihyun – Kenzo Z Stripes Sleeveless Dress (sold out)


Gayoon – Mag & Logan Top


Gayoon – StyleNanda Striped Crop Top ($33); Jihyun – AAN ANASTASIS Denim Suspender Dress


Jihyun – Laneige X PLAYNOMORE Pore Control BB Cushion ($32), Laneige X PLAYNOMORE Intense Lip Gel #4 Custard Coral ($21), Laneige X PLAYNOMORE Jet Curling Mascara ($23)


Gayoon – Laneige X PLAYNOMORE BB Cushion ($32), Laneige X PLAYNOMORE Intense Lip Gel #8 Maple Red ($21), Laneige X PLAYNOMORE Jet Curling Mascara ($23)


Items from the @star1 Shoot

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