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In the month of July, Girls’ Generation could be seen everywhere while promoting their summer single “Party”! One reader was curious about the stage styles worn by the members for an appearance on Music Core, which they also wore on an episode of M Countdown. Much like their Music Bank comeback stage, the girls were decked out in Philipp Plein! All of the items were from the Spring 2015 collection and featured big, red lips and crystal embellishments. Some of the items were modified by stylists to suit the performances — most notably Yuri, Seohyun and Yoona‘s tops.


Yuri – Philipp Plein ‘Big Kisses’ Tee (sold out)


Taeyeon – Philipp Plein ‘Lot of Love’ Sweatshirt ($1029 $669), Philipp Plein ‘Let’s Dance’ White Mini Skirt ($736 $331)


Hyoyeon – Philipp Plein White Denim Vest


Yoona – Philipp Plein ‘Flawless’ Sweatshirt, Philipp Plein ‘Let’s Dance’ Black Mini Skirt


Sunny – Philipp Plein ‘Goodbye’ Tank Top ($552)


Sooyoung – Philipp Plein ‘Big Kisses’ Tee ($664 $531), Philipp Plein ‘Hello’ Slim Fit Jeans ($903 $633)


Seohyun – Philipp Plein ‘Big Kisses’ Tee ($664 $531), Philipp Plein ‘Let’s Dance’ Denim Mini Skirt ($754 $604)


Tiffany – Philipp Plein ‘Lips to Lips’ Denim Vest (sold out)

SNSD’s Items from Philipp Plein

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