Jiyeon + Vogatha Trendy Eco Bag


A few days ago, this picture of T-ara‘s Jiyeon was seen in different websites. Along came a tag that read “sponsor Vogatha“. With a closer look at the bag’s tag, we find out that “Vogatha” turns out to be a fashion brand.

Vogatha is in fact a Korean brand, whose products are eco bags which come in different shapes and colors. The brand’s characteristic feature is the eco-friendly material used to produce these bags, mostly inspired by laundry bags. This type of tote is becoming a growing trend for Korean celebrities, and apparently, it is growing more and more popular! In the picture, Jiyeon is showing the medium tote (green) ($50). Webpage musinsa.com offers an exclusive Vogatha e-shop. There, you can have a look at every available item and, why not, get one for yourself!


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