Apink’s Pink Memory Style – Red Version


The girls of Apink are back with the new album Pink Memory! The album features the infectious summer track “Remember” which Apink is currently promoting. The group released two versions of the album, Red and White which come with different cover images. For the Red version, the girls went for a skater girl concept, with the girls wearing sneakers and brandishing skateboards while posing in an industrial setting among shipping containers. Their colorful looks come from a mix of brands that are popular among Kpop artists, such as Moschino, Lazy Oaf, StyleNanda and American Apparel. Get the details on their Red version style!


Namjoo – StyleNanda Dunk Sequin Top ($102); Naeun – Adidas Climate Visor ($17 $14), DRINKSCANCODE Sad & Fancy Crop Top ($42), American Apparel Striped Socks ($9), American Apparel Black Disco Shorts ($59); Chorong – Mix X Mix Tennis Skirt ($25), Adidas Climate Visor ($17 $14)


Bomi – Supreme 5 Panel Hat, American Apparel Flag Print Crop Top (sold out), Lazy Oaf My Sick Socks ($15), Vans Old Skool ‘Drained & Confused’ Sneakers ($50); Hayoung – Lazy Oaf Ugly Cropped Tee ($74), Lazy Oaf Rosie for the Lady Skirt ($34); Me & Zena Magick Star Pentagram Ring ($49); Eunji – Obey Cold Lampin Black & Gold Crew Socks ($10 $4); Moschino Logo Plaque Belt ($295), Vans Old Skool Sneakers ($55)


Eunji – Love Moschino Flame Printed Cropped T-shirt ($127 $89), Obey Cold Lampin White Socks ($12), Vans Old Skool Flag Print Sneakers ($65)


Naeun – Moschino Red Drink Knit Dress ($528 $343)


Chorong – Jeremy Scott No Sale Is Ever Final Tee (sold out), Love Moschino Race Patch Sport Jacket ($362 $235)


Bomi – Love Moschino Fringe Beaded Vest ($860 $344), Love Moschino Fringe Beaded Shorts ($217 $153), Love Moschino Fringe Beaded Tank Top ($113 $79)


Hayoung – Love Moschino Parrot Print Tank Dress ($204 $112), American Apparel Striped Socks ($9)


Namjoo – Moschino 5 & Over Halter Top ($195 $48), Moschino Terry Cloth Biker Jacket ($1595 $638)

Pink Memory Red Version Items

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