Apink’s “Remember” MV Style


Joining the massive amount of girl group comebacks this summer is Apink, with their sweet title track “Remember” off of the Pink Memory album. The MV features the members enjoying various summer activities, such as sailing, playing with fireworks and hanging out at both the beach AND the pool! The group displayed fashion items from varying styles that range from nautical to bohemian and everything in between. While lounging poolside, Chorong can be seen in a pair of sailor-inspired items from Lucky Chouette. She pairs the V-Line Ribbon Half-Sleeve Blouse ($214) with Button Detail Shorts ($197). During some of the beach and dance scenes, Bomi wears a DRINKSCANCODE Alone Party Cap ($33).


In the “Remember” MV, Apink throw a party complete with balloons and silly hats! While goofing around, most of the members wear designs from Lazy Oaf. Eunji is seen in a Lazy Oaf X Garfield T-Shirt ($54) while Hayoung wore a Rubble Trouble Dress ($101 $23). Bomi’s crazy style included a Lazy Oaf Fat Joe’s Sweatshirt ($120). The final Lazy Oaf item was seen on Chorong — the Slogan Long Sleeve Shirt ($111). At this point, Naeun could be seen in a StyleNanda Falling Crop Top ($19).


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