Tip: Got7 Mark’s “Just Right” Style


Tip from: HAL

JYP‘s boy group GOT7 has made a summer comeback with the fun new single “Just Right”. The upbeat song preaches about positive self-image, and in the colorful MV the boys can be seen singing to a young girl who is unhappy with her looks, but gains confidence from the words of GOT7’s song. One reader tipped us off to the cute hooded sweatshirt seen on Mark during the MV; it is an Odd Future All Over Donut Print Hoodie ($125 $62).

20150714_kfashionista_got7_mark 20150714_kfashionista_oddfuture

If you haven’t already, check out GOT7’s “Just Right” MV now!



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  • Victoria Hines

    Can you do Junior’s style too? I really want to know where to find the supreme sweater in red, black, and white he is wearing. I can’t find it anywhere!!

  • adrianfae

    thank you so much for this *-*

  • TwoWayStar

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! ive been searching for so long, trying to find someone who can say what brand it actually is/where you can get it!! BRILLIANT!! NOW IF ONLY IT WASNT SOLD OUT

  • IAm Jin

    Hello, can you tell me too all the sweaters use by Junior????

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