Request: Kpop’s Sequin Coca Cola Tops


Requested by: MãryÔma Ålí

Sequins are a big trend in Kpop fashion right now – just see MVs from groups such as Girls’ Generation, CLC and Melody Day as examples of sequins taking over! One reader is curious about a certain sequin top that has been noticed on a few different idols now. CLC’s Yeeun wore it for a “Like” performance on Music Core last month, and then it popped up again on 9MusesKyungri in the “Hurt Locker” MV. The Coca-Cola Sequin Top is actually non-branded, and is available from numerous Korean retailers and even eBay! Yeeun wore the black version and Kyungri wore the blue-green iridescent one, but it is also available in silver or classic Coke red.

20150714_kfashionista_clc_yeeun 20150714_kfashionista_coke2


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