SNSD Sooyoung’s “Party” MV Style


We’ve already covered Taeyeon‘s “Party” MV style, and now it’s Sooyoung‘s turn! Like the other Girls’ Generation members, Sooyoung’s “Party” style is a mix of bohemian beach looks and swimwear. At the beginning of the MV the girls are seen on their Thai Airways flight, and when Sooyoung greets their stewardess while wearing an Isabel Marant ‘Tacey’ Fringe Top ($715 $179). Isabel Marant is an oft-worn brand of Sooyoung, and she wears another top from it during the beach scene. The ‘Allen’ Top ($780) was paired with James Jeans ‘Festival’ Shorts ($141).

20150712_kfashionista_snsd_sooyoung3 20150712_kfashionista_snsd_sooyoung4

During the pool scene, Sooyoung lounges around in a Triangl Lily Strawberry Kiss Bikini Top ($89 set). The top may look familiar because Bestie all wore items from the same brand during “Excuse Me” promotions. When SNSD are back on the beach at night, Sooyoung covers up her nude bikini with a Celebee Hawaiian Flower Robe ($57). Finally, when the girls party in sequined attire, she wears an Ashish “Love Will Win” Rainbow Sequin Tee ($1585 $360).

20150712_kfashionista_snsd_sooyoung5 20150712_kfashionista_snsd_sooyoung6

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Stay tuned for even more “Party” MV Style!

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