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Rookie girl group MINX debuted last fall with the single “Why Did You Come To My Home” and now they are getting ready to join the summer slam of girl group comebacks with their latest track “Love Shake”! For the comeback, the group has been teasing “Love Shake” with individual and group images that feature the girls in cute, colorful styles and trendy graphic tees. The bright and fruity fashion items that each member wears in one set of teasers are from the brand Lazy Oaf — popular among idols thanks to their candy-funky designs.

20150628_kfashionista_minx_jiu 20150628_kfashionista_minx_dami 20150628_kfashionista_minx_yoohyeon

Leader Ji-U is wearing a Lazy Oaf Dawg Bodycon Dress ($50) an aqua-colored dress with food graphics such as cola, pizza and hot dogs. Maknae Dami also wore a food-covered dress, the Lazy Oaf Mixed Fruit Dress ($92). Yoohyeon is the last member to be wearing a Lazy Oaf dress in teasers; she opts for the Shape Up Dress ($65) that features an all-over print of funky pink shapes. Yoohyeon also wears the too-cute Rabbit Socks ($15 $10).

20150628_kfashionista_minx_sua 20150628_kfashionista_minx_siyeon

The remaining members, Su-A and Siyeon wear cute tops and denim shorts instead of one-pieces. Su-A is in a Lazy Oaf Weird Bodycon Top ($55) and I’m Stuck Denim Shorts ($90). She also wears Adidas Top Ten High Sleek Bow sneakers in red ($132). Siyeon wears a blue Tie-Dye Gem Collared Shirt ($118) with Pineapple Shorts ($80 $55).

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