Nana’s beauty secrets by Harper’s Bazaar


This summer, After School‘s Nana shared her beauty secrets with Harper’s Bazaar Korea. In a short interview, she talked about the products she uses and the routines she follows in order to have that “golden proportion” body.

These are her top 10:


1. Eau de Cologne by Santa Maria Novella ($125)


2. Hair dryer ($35)


3. Pink “I’m lip crayon” available at Memebox ($5)

4. Make up primer

5. Eyelash curler

6. Red lipstick for a vital-looking skin


7. Deep Cleansing Oil by DHC ($28)

8. A tasty spinach salad

9. Her look for Memebox


10. Tint balm by Memebox ($12)

After the list, Nana gave some extra tips on accomplishing her flawless beauty.

Healthy Habits

Excercise: 30 minutes in the morning, 30 min – 1 hour later.

Food: She loves fresh food (mostly salads)

Diet: Nana dislikes dieting, and always carries cereal bars for times when she feels hungry.

Beauty Secrets

Insider info: She tends to re-apply lipstick during the day to mantain her lively look.

Best Skincare: Double facial cleansing routine.

Hair Secret: Oils and essences for shiny hair.

Cannot live without…

Treat: Hair treatments and face scrub.

Essential: Take care of eyelashes and eyebrows, and wear sunscreen.

During Flights: Sleeps and uses water mist to keep skin moist.

Don’t you think that Nana’s beauty comes from the combination of healthy eating + skin care + exercise? Now that she has shared all her secrets, it is time to pay attention and adapt our routines for a glowing complexion and a healthy lifestyle!

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