Tip: Seeing Double on Park Bo Young and Baek Jin Hee

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Tip from: Valeria

Every woman’s worst nightmare came true for actresses Park Bo Young and Baek Jin Hee at a recent movie premiere — they wore the same thing! The VIP premiere event was for the new Korean horror film Gyeongseong School: Disappeared Girls (also known as  The Silenced). The mystery movie is set in a 1930’s boarding school and Park Bo Young stars as a new student trying to figure out the secret the school is hiding. At the premiere she wore a Striped Sailor Shirt ($133) from Lucky Chouette‘s Lucky Girl by Kang Seunghyun special collection. The top was paired with a Solid Peplum Skirt ($179) from Lucky Chouette’s regular line. Unfortunately, actress Baek Jin Hee was wearing the same striped top to the same event. Thankfully, her top was styled differently, putting it with a pair of distressed trousers. This fashion faux pas was pointed out to us by a reader who also identified the offending item.

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