CLC Yeeun’s “Like” Stage Style


Cube’s rookie girl group CLC has been busy promoting their latest single “Like” with performances on weekly music programs such as M Countdown, Inkigayo and Show Champion. The upbeat track lends itself to cute and youthful styles that have often been worn by the members of CLC on stage. For example, on a recent episode of Show Champion, Yeeun wore an outstandingordinary Pocket Skirt ($35) with a shimmering crop top and holographic platform sandals. The skirt features a faint grid print, white side panel and tiny little pocket that is ironically labelled “#pocket”.


(StarJN [1]) 

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  • appleJ

    hey, can you guys do a post for #LoveMe music video by Melody Day? I really want to know what they’re wearing in that video. Thank you.

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