Park Shin Hye for Mamonde


Park Shin Hye is one of Korea’s top exports for acting in the Hallyu Wave, and the actress has picked up many endorsement deals due to her popularity. One such product is Korean cosmetics brand Mamonde, which Park Shin Hye is a spokesmodel for in both Korea and China! Her draw is so powerful that the brand saw a surge in sales of their lipstick after she wore them in Pinocchio! In China, Park Shin Hye appears in commercials for Mamonde Brightening BB Cushion. The CF shows the actress at a fan-sign event looking radiant thanks to the product. In this commercial, Park Shin Hye can be seen wearing a Dolce & Gabbana Wisteria-Print Pleated Dress ($1334 $934).


Check out Park Shin Hye’s Mamonde Brightening BB Cushion CF!

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