Who wore it better? Nana vs Boram vs Hyuna

It is a very well known fact that once a fashion garment becomes an “it” item, everyone gets one for themselves. Such turned out to be the case for Steve J & Yoni P‘s Donald Duck sweatshirt. Available in three different colors and with three different prints, many —seriously, many— idols have decided to add this piece to their closets.

Firstly, we have Orange Caramel‘s Nana, who wore it both to the airport and for a show (you can read about the event here).

20150608_kfashionista_nana 20150608_kfashionista_sjyp2

White Donald Sweatshirt ($89)

Then, we have 4Minute‘s Hyuna, who was photographed wearing the grey version of the sweatshirt during a fansign event.

20150608_kfashionista_hyuna 20150608_kfashionista_sjyp

Grey Donald sweatshirt ($89)

And last but not least, T-ara‘s Boram, who was seen at Incheon Airport (back from their show in Hong Kong) on June 6 wearing, in this case, the blue version.

20150608_kfashionista_boram 20150608_kfashionista_sjyp3

Blue Donald sweatshirt ($89)

It is inevitable to wonder… who wore it better? Tell us what you think! By the way, this trendy sweatshirt is not exlcusively for girls… You might even see some Kpop boys around wearing it!

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  • nickyblver

    i like them, but Boram wore it better

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