Kwang Soo’s Running Man Style


This week’s episode of Running Man featured all of the members of Big Bang as the guests. They formed a team with Kim Jong Kook as Roman gladiators trapped in the future. The rest of the Running Man members formed a team that was also from the past, a group of Korean merchants. The teams competed for a chance to travel back to the past, therefore winning for the week. During a game of water basketball, things got heated between the two teams which led to dirty tricks by Lee Kwang Soo and Yoo Jae Suk in an attempt to win. The result was Kim Jong Kook being stripped naked so that he couldn’t participate in the game! During this portion of the program, Kwang Soo could be seen wearing a Lettering Print T-Shirt from Supercomma B ($53), a clothing spin-off brand from Korean shoe label Suecomma Bonnie.




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