Request: Song Ji Hyo’s Glasses


Requested by: arini

Running Man‘s leading lady Song Ji Hyo is currently starring in the drama Ex-Girlfriend Club, which airs on tvN. For the show, Ji Hyo plays the character of Kim Soo Jin, a producer who is hired to adapt a popular webtoon. After accepting the job she comes to realize that the writer of the webtoon is her ex-boyfriend and SHE is one of the characters along with his other exes! One reader was wondering about the the glasses Song Ji Hyo has worn during the show, and took to the Request Line to ask about them. The spectacles are from Montblanc ($308), a luxury brand known for high-end pens, leather goods and other accessories. Sadly for fans of Ex-Girlfriend Club, this light and fluffly rom-com is being cut down 12 episodes when it was originally planned to be 16.




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