CLC’s “Question” Style


We’ve already covered quite a bit of CLC fashion from their latest single “Like” where it was revealed that the girls wore quite a few different Korean brands. The members of CLC were also outfitted in domestic designers for the cover of mini-album that the song is from — Question! Compared to the colorful “Like” MV, the items worn for the album jacket were much more subdued, featuring neutrals, dark denim and some plaids. Sorn could be seen in a Low Classic V-Neck Knit Dress ($161) and next in line was Seunghee in a Striped Dress ($86) from Charm’s. In the middle were Yeeun and Yoojin and they both wore items from popular brand Fleamadonna. Yeeun wore a Heart Flower Gown ($387) and Yoojin wore the Multi-Check Long Dress ($233). Finally, Seungyeon like Sorn wore Low Classic. She paired a Denim Crop Top with the Denim Slit Skirt ($143).

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