More CLC “Like” MV Style

Cube rookie girl group CrystaL Clear (CLC) has just made their comeback with a cute and upbeat track titled “궁금해 (Like)”. In an earlier post, we have identified a few items for the MV of the lead track, here are a few more! The girls could be seen wearing ensembles from various Korean labels, including outstandingordinary that we are going to cover in this post.

20150603_kfashionista_clc_seungyeonDuring one scene, Seungyeon could be seen wearing Love Tee ($30) from outstandingordinary.


Here is another scene where the girls were waiting to meet the good-looking guy outside the door. Sorn was wearing a Monitor Dress ($42) while Yujin wore an O2 Dress ($98) from the label.


CLC Official [1]

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