Hani’s “A Style For You” Style


Episode 7 of KBS’s A Style For You was focused on the return of the 70’s fashion. During the first scene, in which guest host Jo Se Ho is introduced, Hani is wearing a red dress and a little mini bag (item which is later revealed to be one of the “returning fashion items”).

20150603_kfashionista_fredperry 20150603_kfashionista_playnomore

The red dress with the Dancehall logo is from British brand Fred Perry ($268). The mini bag is part of a collaboration between Korean accessories brand Playnomore and Korean model Irene Kim. This particular one is the “It’s me, Irene” ($241)

Bad news is that A Style For You will end up by episode 12. Good news is that we still have some time to learn along with the hosts about fashion trends. And some styles to cover as well!

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