SHINee Taemin’s “View” Stage Style


During SHINee‘s comeback week, SM kept fans updated with behind the scenes photos of their favorite idols preparing for “View” performances. In one photo, Taemin could be seen wearing a Lazy Oaf Slogan Sweatshirt ($75) which was modified with tape to read “Eazy Oaf” for broadcast on MBC’s Show! Music Core. He also wore a red Neighborhood Canvas Belt ($59) with the look.

20150602_kfashionista_lazyoaf 20150602_kfashionista_neighborhood

Check out the performance that Taemin wore this for!


(SMTown NOW [1])


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  • PunkyPrincess92

    I knew it!!!!! I totally was thinking that’s a Lazy Oaf top but since it said ‘Eazy’ i wasn’t 100% sure. I even went on the LO site to look for it, but didn’t find it so i thought maybe i was wrong!

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