CLC’s “Like” MV Style

Rookie girl group CrystaL Clear (CLC) who debuted in March has just made another comeback with their second mini album Question! The music video for the title track “궁금해 (Like)” has been released in CLC Official’s channel. In the MV, member Seungyeon fell in love at first sight with a handsome man she met in an outdoor cafe to the extent that she even fainted at the sight of him! The remaining girls were curious to find out more about the man thus they worked together to track him down. The girls could be spotted wearing items from a couple of Korean labels. Check out the details of their MV outfits below!


During a scene where the girls were sitting on a bed, Yujin could be seen wearing a Soft Stripe Skirt ($71) from Rocket X Lunch with a Joyrich Editorial Map Highneck Sleeveless Crop Tank ($66) underneath. Yeeun was styled in a cute dress adorned with leopard spots from BEETLEBEETLE while Seungyeon wore a Pink NON Appliquéd Cotton Sweatshirt ($325 $195) from Kenzo. Leader Seunghee has worn a 91,2 Sensei-tion Baseball Uniform Dress ($239) and Thai member Sorn was wearing a Coloration Pleated Silk Dress ($101) from O!Oi.


Here’s a scene where the girls were helping Seungyeon with dressing up in order to meet her Prince Charming. The two T-shirts which Yeeun was holding in her hand are from Rocket X Lunch. One of it is a Patch T-shirt with Green Stripes ($53) and another one is a Go Swimming Crop Top ($35).


When the girls finally found out the place where the guy is living, they went into the room for a secret visit. The Cut-out Patch Jumper ($80) on Seunghee is from O!Oi. She paired it with a Joyrich Orange Blossom Pleats Skirt ($88), giving off a sweet, girlish vibe.

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