Red Velvet’s Children’s Day Stage Style


May 5 in South Korea is a national holiday known as Children’s Day! The day is normally spent with children being celebrated with gifts, food and family outings. Parents often take their kids to places like museums, amusement parks and the zoo! Special events are often held in communities that feature performances by Kpop artists who are popular with the younger demographic. This year, Red Velvet performed at the Kyeongbuk National Children’s Day Celebration. For this event they performed “Happiness” and “Ice Cream Cake” while wearing items from the brand Heritage Floss. Irene, Joy and Yeri each wore one of the Football Jersey Tops that come in three colorways. Wendy wore an Old Cycle Jersey Tee and Seulgi was in a Sunflower and Black Sweatshirt

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(Heritage Floss Blog [1][2], Heritage Floss Instagram [1], MAMASS [1]) 

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