Big Bang “We Like 2 Party” Teaser Style


As June 1 approaches Big Bang has started teasing the upcoming tracks from A, part two of their MADE Series. The group will be introducing the tracks “Bang Bang Bang” and “We Like 2 Party” which insiders say are reminiscent of Big Bang’s previous upbeat tracks “Fantastic Baby”, “Lie” and “Last Farewell”. With their previous MADE Series release, the members often wore hard-to-find vintage fashion items from Raf Simons. This time around, their choices haven’t gotten any newer! In the second teaser for “We Like 2 Party” each member can be seen wearing Comme des Garcons Homme‘s Spring 2006 collection. The entire line features different patterns that incorporate the iconic lips and tongue logo of legendary rock band The Rolling Stones.

20150528_kfashionista_commedesgarcons4 20150528_kfashionista_commedesgarcons2

20150528_kfashionista_commedesgarcons 20150528_kfashionista_commedesgarcons3

(YG Life [1], Style [1])


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