SHINee “View” Stage Style on Show Champion


SHINee is currently promoting their latest single and summer jam “View” by appearing all over the weekly music programs. The group even picked up thier first win for the song on the latest episode of Show Champion! For the stage performance, the boys of SHINee could be seen wearing an eclectic mix of fashion and even though each member wore very different styles, they all had a cohesive, prep school feel.

20150527_kfashionista_shinee_key 20150527_kfashionista_shinee_onew

Key wore a Hyein Seo Grey Suit Jacket (sold out) with Kris Van Assche Black Sliced Shorts ($499). Onew sported very oversized styles, including an Umit Benan Tennis Court Sweater (sold out) paired with wide leg pants. Taemin and Minho both wore t-shirts with their ensembles, a LEATA Open Stencil Shirt ($35) and 1987Studio for 87MM Vote for MM Shirt ($43), respectively. As for Jonghyun, his WBMS Sweatshirt bears a striking resemblance to the 7th Grade Uniforms for West Briar Middle School in Houston Texas. A bit of a stretch, because it appears they can only be ordered by students, but it definitely gives off a school boy vibe!

20150527_kfashionista_shinee_taemin 20150527_kfashionista_shinee_minho

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  • PunkyPrincess92

    Ahahahaha that would be pretty hilarious if Jjong’s top was actually from a random school!!!

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