Orange Caramel University Festival Stage Style


May means it is University Festival season in Korea! College students in Korea celebrate at festivals in both the Spring and Fall with various games and special events designed to bring classmates together and build camaraderie among the student body. At many of the colleges this also includes special performances by various Kpop acts. Orange Caramel seems to be a popular festival choice this year with appearances recently at Korea University, Kyungmin College and Chungwoon University. During these shows the trio performed past singles such as “Lipstick” and “My Copycat”. At both Korea University and Kyungmin College the girls could be seen matching ensembles of sailor shirts and denim. The top is the SJYP Marine Sailor T-Shirt ($58). This same shirt was worn by Uee and the navy version by Lizzy at After School‘s GM Korea Changwon Factory Festival performance.


(Koji_FrLz [1]) 

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