AKMU Suhyun’s Stage Style with Jinusean

20150516_kfashionista_akmu_suhyun3 20150516_kfashionista_akmu_suhyun2

One of the best things about Infinity Challenge‘s 90’s Special from earlier this year is the public’s renewed interest in the music of artists like Turbo, Jinusean, SES and Uhm Jung Hwa. Due to this, the duo Jinusean were able to make a comeback after 11 years with a brand new single “Tell Me One More Time”! The original song features YG trainee Jang Hanna, but several of the music program performances have had guests like Sandara Park or Akdong Musician‘s Suhyun take over the part instead. When Suhyun joined Jinu and Sean on M Countdown, she wore a fashionable ensemble from the Spring/Summer 2015 Kwak Hyun Joo collection. The mesh and neoprene stadium jacket was paired with a matching mesh zip-front skirt which had a stylish and sporty feel.

20150516_kfashionista_kwakhyunjoo 20150516_kfashionista_kwakhyunjoo2

(Mnet [1], Kwak Hyun Joo [1][2]) 

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