Girl’s Day Hyeri’s “Hello Bubble” MV Style


Girl’s Day recently released the project single “Hello Bubble” to promote the latest line of Hello Bubble hair dye from Korean brand mise en scene. The bright and colorful MV fits well with the catch track and the different hair colors that the members show off: Vanilla Gold for Hyeri, Coral Peach Orange for Yura, Red Velvet Wine for Sojin and Champagne Rose Pink for Minah!


The “Hello Bubble” MV also saw the return of aegyo queen Hyeri! The cuteness overload that skyrocketed the singer’s popularity was in full effect during Hyeri’s solo scenes. As she poses for the cameras and makes all kinds of funny faces she can be seen wearing several different shirts from Lazy Oaf. At one point Hyeri wears a “Let’s Make Out” Tee ($60), a white and purple ringer tee with a makeup print. While wearing that shirt, she also holds up a Fluffy Kitty Short-Sleeved Sweater ($55). Finally, Hyeri wears the Lazy Oaf Blocks Sweatshirt ($109) while taking selcas and wearing silly sunglasses.



Which hair color do you like the best? If you haven’t seen the “Hello Bubble” MV yet, check it out now!

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