Request: BoA’s Movie Premiere Style

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Requested by: Pial

Since BoA is officially in comeback mode for her new album Kiss My Lips, expect to see the Queen of Kpop turning up at all kinds of events in the near future. For example, this week BoA attended the VIP premiere of the new Korean film Chronicles of Evil. The psychological thriller stars Choi Daniel, who was BoA’s co-star in the 2013 mini-drama Waiting For Love. One reader was curious about the pretty floral frock worn by BoA at this event, so they stopped by the Request Line to get more info! She wears a beige and white Alexander McQueen Jacquard Mini-Dress ($2355) with Christian Louboutin Pigalle Plato Nude Pumps ($795).

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  • Pial

    Thank You for posting this :) ~~~BoA unnie is so pretty!!~~~~~ ♥

  • Valeria

    i don’t understand why Korean star, always has the same hair style
    why not change it?
    for example i think it was better if boa done a side braid with the this kin of dress

    by the way
    1st thank for your good site

    2nd i post 2 tip in tip section,plz see them

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