SHINee Minho’s “View” Style

SHINee fans rejoice! After over a year and a half without a Korean release as a group, SHINee will finally be making a comeback this month with a new album! SM has started teasing the release of the album Odd, which will feature the title track “View”. Living up to the album name, the teaser video for “View” is definitely odd, showing the boys getting kidnapped. The ski-masked female assailants use chloroform rags and appear to hold the boys captive in a room covered in SHINee posters — it’s like a crazy fan fiction brought to life. In the short clip and a still shot that have been released, Minho can be seen wearing a Thrasher ‘Neckface’ Tee ($20) which has had the sleeves cut off. Stay tuned for Odd, due out on May 18!



(SMTown NOW [1])


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