Jessica Jung’s Chanel SNS Style

Jessica Jung is known to be an avid social networks user. These last two days, she uploaded pictures to her accounts (Instagram and Weibo) in which we can clearly see her passion for Chanel. Yesterday, she posted on Instagram a message to celebrate Children’s day in Korea. She posed with a poodle wearing a pair of Chanel white loafers. Although they are not part of this season’s collection, the French brand always offers the classic model, and you can check them out at Chanel’s website.


And today, she uploaded yet another picture. This time, it was pink nails, pink lips… and a pink Chanel bag! Through her weibo, she announced that she is working on a new project in Seoul (which, by the way, has all fans wondering what it is about!). What is special about this Chanel bag is that it is a limited edition of the classic flap bag that features 5 iconic Chanel charms, and it was introduced during 2014.


By now, if you did not yet, you should know that Jessica Jung is in fact a Chanel lover. And you are probably tired of reading the word Chanel in this post as well, so that is all for now…


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