Orange Caramel’s Hanbok Style


Last year, during their My Copycat promotions, zany girl group Orange Caramel wore adorable puffy traditional Korean-wear (or “hanbok”) inspired dresses to Inkigayo! The girls looked like they came out of a Korean version of Alice in Wonderland with their pastel colors and large petticoats. While this is an old look, so many people found it eye-catching at the time that it seemed a shame not to identify it, even though it’s from a few months back!

These modern-style hanbok are from the brand Mo Ran Bae Pil (often shortened to Moranbp), a brand that specializes in fusion hanbok. While their exact dresses seem to have been custom made or altered for them (notably, Orange Caramel’s stylists made the petticoat addition themselves), a very close dress is currently online ($128). Luckily, this brand can do custom sizing and ship overseas!


The girls wore these outfits on Chuseok, or the mid-autumn festival holiday of Korea, during which it is traditional to wear hanbok. One of the major holidays for the country, it was sweet of the girls to give it a nod despite their schedules!

You can see their performance in the outfits below!

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