Big Bang G-Dragon’s “Loser” MV Style


We’ve got yet another member of Big Bang wearing vintage Raf Simons in the “Loser” MV! We previously mentioned Daesung and Seungri, who were wearing items from 2001 and 2005 collections respectively, but it turns out G-Dragon went for one of these rare archive pieces. During one scene, G-Dragon lays on the floor in a striped shirt with patches on it. This Striped Shirt from the same Fall/Winter 2001 Collection as Daesung’s camouflage jacket. This collection is called “Riot Riot Riot” and is considered a classic of the designer’s.

20150505_kfashionista_rafsimons 20150505_kfashionista_rafsimons2

(YG, Raf Simons Archive [1]) 

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