Big Bang Seungri’s “Loser” MV Style

20150501_kfashionista_bigbang_seungri2 20150501_kfashionista_rafsimons

We previously discussed Daesung‘s “Loser” MV style, which consisted of a Raf Simons that originated in the 2001 Fall/Winter collection. He’s not the only member getting in on the vintage Raf Simons game though! Seungri could be seen wearing an army green Raf Simons Fishtail Parka. The iconic patch-covered outerwear is from Raf Simons’ 2005 Fall/Winter collection known as “History of My World”. Seungri wore this jacket over a Fred Perry Tennis Sweater. Big Bang has always been Kpop fashion trendsetters, but they are definitely making it tough for imitators by wearing such rare pieces!

(Big Bang Facebook [1], LN-CC [1])


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