Tiffany’s Rehearsal Style


Girl’s Generation Tiffany took to instagram a few days ago to show a photo from her latest rehearsal, taken by groupmate Yuri! Instead of wearing her signature color, she instead wore a tank top that simply spelled out the word “PINK” from Victoria’s Secret‘s PINK line, in big sparkly letters ($27).


Tiffany’s aforementioned rehearsal was for the Sone Limited Party,  a small fanmeet-concert type event that SNSD had in Japan. The event was held for the release of their latest Japanese single, “Catch Me If You Can”. The single also had a Korean language release. You can “catch” the Korean version of the MV below!


(Tiffany’s instagram [1]) 

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  • Motavator♡

    Hi Kfashionista! I’m not completely sure where to request a look but I would be really thankful if you could find what Red Velvet’s Irene wore on April 30, 2015, when they performed ‘Ice Cream Cake’ on Mnet M!Countdown (it was a live performance). If you could find the brands for her complete outfit, I would be really grateful! Thanks in advance! :))

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