Jessi for InStyle March 2015

Jessica H.O, better known as Jessi, has gained popularity recently for her appearance on the show Unpretty Rapstar; she even nabbed a feature on JYP‘s hot new single “Who’s your mama?”! The March 2015 issue of InStyle is jumping on the Jessi bandwagon as well, featuring the brash rapper in a pictorial that highlights the brand new collection of Jinny Kim sneakers. Check out the different styles that the sporty shoes were incorporated in and all the details on what Jessi wears for the shoot.


KYE Leather Jacket ($227), Jinny Kim Core-Flash Colorblock Sneakers ($275)


Cheap Monday Denim Jacket ($105), Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply ‘Kendrick’ Boyfriend Jeans ($125), Jinny Kim ‘Ignis’ Sneakers ($155)


Moschino Knit Tank Top ($273), Joyrich High Waist Denim, Mzuu Hexe Black Chain Necklace ($150), Jinny Kim ‘Burnaby’ Sneakers ($165)


Joyrich Pullover ($251), Jinny Kim ‘Alf’ Mesh Sneakers ($155)


Joyrich Star Patched Leather Jacket ($308), Calvin Klein Underwear Flex Motion Sports Bra ($60), KYE Zip-Front Skirt ($340 $102), Monday Edition ME Heart Necklace ($259), Jinny Kim Mars Light Grey Sneakers ($257)


Love Moschino Lace-Up Dress ($387), Monday Edition Silver Pearl Cuff ($111), Jinny Kim Sneakers ($322)


Kwak Hyun Joo Collection Mesh Crop Top, Calvin Klein Trousers, Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Short Underwear ($22), Monday Edition Silver Pearl Cuff ($111), Jinny Kim Core-LIGHT Sneakers ($275)

Jessi’s Items from InStyle Shoot

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