Heechul’s Eclectic Commute Style

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Super Junior‘s Heechul is currently promoting as part of the duo M&D, with Jungmo from TRAX. The pair have just released their second single, “I Wish”, which is from the new mini-album Cottage Industry. Last week when Heechul was rushing to the KBS building for Music Bank rehearsals, he exhibited his own unique blend of Kpop fashion! He wore a black and white KKXX Stadium Jacket ($174) which is exclusive to the Korean shop StyleNanda. His look was accessorized with a black and neon SKULL HONG Clutch ($70), a BAN8 Giggling Mask ($9), Colonnade Butterfly Bow Sneakers ($77) and WHY STYLE Mirrored Sunglasses. Heechul proves that he can be a supportive friend and fashionable at the same time considering he is wearing items from FT Island Hong Ki‘s fashion line (SKULL HONG) and Yesung‘s family-run optical brand (WHY STYLE).

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