EXID Hyelin’s “Ah Yeah” MV Style


Girl group EXID has made a comeback with the track “Ah Yeah”! They are trying to build on their sudden popularity gained from their previous single “Up & Down”. The girls released an entertaining MV for “Ah Yeah” which uses pixelated censoring throughout to make viewers wonder just what the girls are hiding. Later it is revealed that everything censored is completely innocent, proving that people let their imaginations run wild and jump to conclusions quite easily.


For Hyelin‘s solo scenes, she is seen in front of a wall covered in pictures . Some were censored and some not, but the blocked pictures ended up being a variety of cute cartoons. During this time, Hyelin is wearing a colorful, sequined-covered from StyleNanda ($128) which features a drawing of a wolf playing basketball — Teen Wolf anyone?


(Yedang [1]) 

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