More Miss A “Only You” MV Style


We previously posted quite a few finds for the Miss A “Only You” MV, but here are a few more starting off with Jia! In the beginning of the MV, all four members are busy getting dolled up while being spied on. During this scene, Jia is lounging on a bed snacking and flipping through magazines. She can be seen in a pair of red and white American Apparel Cotton Spandex Jersey Boy Briefs ($13). Later, she steps out in a StyleNanda Navy Pearl Swimsuit ($52).


While the girls of Miss A are strolling down the street and then later attending a house party, Min wears a Ribbon Stadium Jacket from R.Shemiste. This style of jacket in a different color was also recently seen in Davichi‘s “Two Lovers” MV! When Miss A is dressed in the pink ensembles from the album teaser images Min wears a Monday Edition Cross Pendant ($203).

20150417_kfashionista_missa_min 20150417_kfashionista_missa_min2

Suzy‘s item is not something she wears, but rather something she uses. For the opening scenes, she sings while blowing her hair around with an Amika Power Cloud Force Black Obliphica Dryer ($120). Suzy uses the colorful hair dryer with one of the air concentrator attachments.


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