EXID Junghwa’s “Ah Yeah” Stage Style

20150416_kfashionista_exid_junghwa3 20150416_kfashionista_exid_junghwa2

EXID has just made a comeback with the track “Ah Yeah”, their first release since belatedly rocketing to stardom with “Up & Down” at the end of last year. The track is just as catchy as their previous single, and the girls have already started performing “Ah Yeah” on weekly music programs. One of these appearances was on SBS MTV’s The Show, where the members could be seen in distressed denim jackets, white crop tops, black shorts and Timberland work boots. Junghwa‘s look was distinguished from the other members’ due to her backwards cap. She wore a ‘2 Dope 2 Die’ Red Leather Snapback from HATer ($67).


(StarJN [1][2]) 

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