KARA Seungyeon International BNT Shoot


Media outlet International BNT regularly features photo shoots with various Korean celebrities on its site. The pictorials are full of sponsored items from a variety of Korean brands like StyleNanda and Le Shop. Due to the number of sponsored items, the BNT shoots often feature a number of different styles instead of sticking with a certain theme. For example, KARA member Seungyeon recently posed for the site and was styled in girly looks like the soft pink two piece ensemble or the applique-embellished bridal gown. She was styled in a casual, denim filled look and a preppy, varsity sweater style. The details of what Seungyeon wore are below.

20150414_kfashionista_seungyeon5 20150414_kfashionista_seungyeon3

20150414_kfashionista_seungyeon4 20150414_kfashionista_seungyeon2


StyleNanda Crop Sweater ($27), StyleNanda Pink Shorts ($27), Le Laboratoire Scented Gypsum Ring Ornaments ($9)

20150414_kfashionista_seungyeon9 20150414_kfashionista_seungyeon8

20150414_kfashionista_seungyeon6 20150414_kfashionista_seungyeon7

Bridal Kong Dress, SBENU Sneakers ($81)

20150414_kfashionista_seungyeon13 20150414_kfashionista_seungyeon14

20150414_kfashionista_seungyeon11 20150414_kfashionista_seungyeon12

EGOIST V-Neck Top & Knit Skirt ($181), EGOIST  Slip-On Sneakers ($81), Carlyn Mint Green Shoulder Bag ($256), Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

20150414_kfashionista_seungyeon17 20150414_kfashionista_seungyeon18

20150414_kfashionista_seungyeon19 20150414_kfashionista_seungyeon16

Le Shop Long Jacket, Le Shop Denim Blouse ($91), Rock Revival ‘Nina’ Skinny Jeans ($305), SBENU ‘Liberty’ Premium Sneakers ($99), Sweet Bride ‘Sophia’ Pumps ($145)

Seungyeon’s Items from BNT Shoot

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