EXID’s “Ah Yeah” Style: Black Version


It-group EXID has been receiving a lot of love lately! Though they debuted in 2012, they didn’t make many waves in the industry, until a fancam of member Hani, performing their previous title track Up and Down, went viral late last year. The girls of EXID then began re-promoting the song on music shows, resulting in the then-unheard of case of a sleeper hit winning several music show awards. Since then, everyone has been on the lookout for what these girls will do next. Their much-hyped comeback track finally dropped a few days ago, entitled Ah Yeah. Composed by the rapper of the group L.E., Ah Yeah is a song about a girl who’s tired of her innocent actions being misinterpreted as more adult than intended. Interestingly, while in English, the phrase “ah yeah,” is a positive affirmation, in Korean, “ah yeah,” or “아예,” is a dismissive phrase that signals that someone is not interested in continuing a conversation. It’s a very clever bit of wordplay that perfectly matches the song’s concept!

In the Ah Yeah video, Hani can be seen wearing a logo top from KKXX ($40), while her and the other members are all wearing black high waisted shorts from American Apparel ($24) and black boots from Doc Marten ($135).


The group’s current success is a testament to their constant hard work, and a true Cinderella story in the k-pop world. Check out their clever MV below!


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