Luna’s “Shake That Brass” Stage Style

20150409_kfashionista_fx_luna 20150409_kfashionista_fx_luna2

During Amber‘s “Shake That Brass” promotions, she was often joined on stage by fellow f(x) member Luna. She filled in for SNSD‘s Taeyeon, who originally featured on the track. The pair were able to show off their close friendship with the upbeat stages on various music programs. The February 26 episode of Mnet’s M Countdown is one of these appearances! For the performance, Luna wore a StyleNanda Sequin Sleeve Super Crop Tee ($55) with a raw-edge denim skirt. The look was accessorized with a StyleNanda Checkered Beret ($15).

20150409_kfashionista_stylenanda2 20150409_kfashionista_stylenanda

(Mnet [1]) 

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