Airport Fashion: VIXX Ken heads to Japan

20150408_kfashionista_vixx_ken2 20150408_kfashionista_vixx_ken3

Earlier this year VIXX announced a pair of solo concerts to be held in Japan in April. Now that April is finally here, the boys headed to Japan today ahead of their VIXX Live FANTASIA UTOPIA concerts scheduled for April 9 in Yokohama and April 12 in Kobe. The group flew out of Gimpo and each exhibited their on flavor of Airport Fashion for the trip. Ken looked casually cool in a pair of tops from Andersson Bell. He wore a camel-colored Butterfly Embroidery Sweatshirt ($78) over an Andersson Embroidered Dress Shirt ($63) of the same color. Ken’s accessories included a dark fedora, two-tone pouch and sunglasses that perfectly matched his shirts.

20150408_kfashionista_anderssonbell 20150408_kfashionista_anderssonbell2

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